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Expert Program

Are you ready... to shape the future of work?

A complete step-by-step plan towards self-management

If you build pyramids, you should expect mummies. But, if you create a horizontal organization, you leave room for autonomy and trust. Autonomous, self-organizing teams succeed because they have a greater sense of responsibility, can respond faster to change and accelerate innovation. The people in these teams are happier and they in turn lead to happier customers. So, if you’re ready let’s start organizing Semco Style.

You already have the basic knowledge about self-management, and you are ready for an enormous, in-depth study. The Semco Style Expert program offers you this floor – it gives you clear frameworks that are supported by extensive theory, many practical examples and smart tools for long-term and successful transitions to self-organization or self-management.

You learn how to successfully tilt organizations towards self-organization in larger and smaller units of the organization.

You get access to the Semco Style toolkit with 100+ exercises and case studies. When you successfully complete the program, you will become a member of the international network of Semco Style consultants, partners and clients.

Target Audience

This program is suitable for people and targeted entrepreneurs, directors, leaders, and managers who are busy creating organizations that are constantly developing themselves and that are ready for a whole new level of depth. They are people who have already started or will soon be starting their journey to self-organization with their team/organization. The program is also extremely suitable for consultants who help organizations move forward.


18 online sessions with a duration of 3 hours each.

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