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Semco Style Foundations: Shaping Your Post-COVID Organization

If you build pyramids, you should expect mummies. But, if you create a horizontal organization, you leave room for autonomy and trust. Autonomous, self-organizing teams succeed because they have a greater sense of responsibility, can respond faster to change and accelerate innovation. The people in these teams are happier and they in turn lead to happier customers.

Semco Style & COVID

Talking about new ways of working is passé in 2020 – instead, the buzz is all about making the new ways of working we’ve embraced stick for good. There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses and their leaders out of their comfort zones. The challenge now is to make the best out of the incredible moves being made to pivot organizations and shape the future of work. In this training we will equip you with the tools needed to make your organization future proof in this COVID era.

Let’s Start Organizing Semco Style!

Semco Style equips leaders with a framework to lead, manage and inspire distributed teams and create an employee friendly culture anchored in psychological safety. Our approach enables autonomous decision making and agility to achieve greater impact and performance.

During the Semco Style Foundations program, you will learn the basics of Semco Style. Drawing from the globally renowned Semco Style Principles and Roadmap you will discover what organizations need to move towards self-management and where you can start. You will experience self-organization directly, in practice, through the co-creative approach of the program.

This hands-on training will give you insights into how Semco Style can help pivot organizations and where you can start. You will experience our Roadmap in action as we walk you through a customer transformation. More importantly, there will be plenty of room to discuss your personal situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the Semco Style Principles and Roadmap
  • Take the first step towards a culture of trust and autonomous teams
  • Experience the Semco Style Roadmap in action


3 online sessions of 4 hours each


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