E-Book: The Top 10 Myths About Democratic Management

Training Programs

Semco Style Institute offers many training and programs with the aim of helping companies embark on a journey towards self-organization. Built upon the Semco Style Principles, our programs help create high-performing, autonomous teams and happier employees. Everything we offer can be adapted to existing company trainings and adjusted to client needs. Contact us for more info on our open enrollment and in-company training programs.

Semco Style Foundations: Shaping your post-COVID organization

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the way the world works on its head. This virtual foundational program is aimed at helping you future-proof your organization by deep-diving into the world renown Semco Style principles. Finally, find out how you can create autonomous teams and experience the Semco Style Roadmap in action.

Leading remote teams in a distributed world

When working in a distributed world, effective remote leadership becomes crucial in defining the future of work. Want to learn how to vest your remote teams with decision-making powers and greater autonomy? Look no further. This virtual program will equip you with a framework that lets you manage your distributed teams and it reveals how you can lead and inspire your remote teams by building a culture anchored in psychological safety.

Expert Program

During this six-day Expert program you will learn everything you need to know to successfully transform teams, and entire organizations, towards self-management. You’ll create a clear picture of your ideal state of self-organization. We guarantee an energetic start with the Experience Game following which you will immerse into the Semco Style Principles and comprehensive theory.

Changemaker Program

Our three-day Changemaker program is centered around teams – how can you bring more autonomy and responsibility in a team and what is your role in this journey? You will deep-dive into real life situations through energizing exercises, mind-puzzling case studies and you’ll emerge with an in-depth knowledge of the Semco Style Roadmap and relevant tools.